Our story

Passphere is an idea born out of the frustrations event organisers face everyday.

Our Vision

To support event organisers by providing insightful data and functionality to deliver more services for less


Passphere utilises the latest solutions in server management to allow processing of thousands of transactions per second.

How it works

Real Time Reporting

Passphere cleverly analyses the detail and has deep in-built capabilities to support you and your event.

Real-time reporting and event editing helps you track buyer behavior and assist ticket buying customers at every step of the way.

White Label Design

Passphere's customisable branding turns ticketing into part of your event experience.

Passphere's mobile platform gives you total control over sales, marketing and coordination. Mobilise your ticketing staff to sell tickets with one click. Personalise our system, start selling tickets.

Easy Click Solution

One click refunds, EDM capability, easy complimentary ticket and discount features with the ability to select user tiers for staff.

Control over access for your team, automate tedious tasks and gain the insights you need to deliver a successful event.


Fully Responsive User Platform

Customise our system to work for you. Passphere ticketing is easy to personalise, a seamless part of your event experience.

Fully responsive website

Ask us anything

Ask us a question or inquire about listing your event on Passphere in the near future.

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